We're A People, Not An Idea

It's long past time for a moratorium on immigration, with exceptions for some family and spouses of American citizens.  This includes the Trojan Horse H1-B style visas as well.  This idea that America should be some collection of the rest of the world is not an idea that most Americans agree with, and especially not one that Native Americans agree with.  The "idea" idea is an invention of elites that want foreign workers and laborers to enrich themselves, or they and others have some pious belief of their own that they want to impose on the entire nation.  We need to outvote them in the next election. 

  • Mark Greene, candidate for lieutenant governor, whose late mother (1933 - 2006) and late maternal grandmother (1910 - circa 1986) both looked obviously Native, is about 20% to 25% Cherokee.  Greene's maternal great grandmother (born in 1892) was believed to be 100% or near 100% Cherokee.  



The last moratorium on immigration was during the Calvin Coolidge administration in 1927, as Coolidge (photo to the right) and his predecessor, Warren Harding (photo to the left), understood the limitations of legalized open borders and the need for a cooling off period after long and sustained immigration since the Ellis Island era.  Harding slowed it down, and Coolidge put the brakes on it, more or less, with a cap on total immigration of 150,000 people, annually.  These two American presidents successfully maintained American culture, character and nationhood.  We need something similar, today, another moratorium, except for some family or spouses of citizens, pretty much, and this includes "Trojan Horse" H1-B style visas that take jobs away from American citizens; no more business as usual in Washington... either Washington.