Election Dept. Malfunctions in the Last Several Years

Mishaps, Mistakes, Woes and Shenanigans

  • According to their own website, the King County Elections Department hasn't had a Deputy Director since, at least, July 1, 2019.  Why can't Director Julie Wise fulfill this part of her job responsibility, maintaining the ranks of her department's most essential positions?
  • Julie Wise fought with superior, Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, for days or weeks over the new voter registration data implementation this year, bordering on insubordination, if not in fact that.
  • Elections wasn't able to uncover for decades, in Julie Wise's home town, Enumclaw, of all places, that there was no election for a commissioner(s) for a drainage district.  According to news reports, taxpayers' money was essentially absconded off with as a result.  How many other special districts have there been no elections for, even though obligated by law?
  • The roll out of this year's General Election candidate profiles was plagued by delay, unflattering alignments of some candidates' statements, causing all of them to be pulled from the internet and then put back on again, and pretty much no showcasing of the profiles on the Elections Department's website (in other words, no substantial reference to the candidate profiles on the home page).
  • Julie Wise is overpaid for a county bureaucrat, and in her case, a kind of activist on the government payroll, at roughly $190,000 per year.   She makes more than the governor and our senators and congresspersons.  I also blame whatever commission or council approved this salary.  If elected, I'll press for a lowering of the salary and donate some of it to charities.  
  • This was prior to Julie Wise's directorship, as it's hard to know what the malfunctions there are now through the fawning mainstream media, but in the past, voting pamphlets have been mixed up with omissions or the wrong data, ballots were very late in being sent out to wide areas of King County, probably disenfranchising some voters, and of course, the long, dysfunctional year of 2004... and it wasn't just the gubernatorial election where errors occurred, but also the not very well publicized missteps regarding the Congressional District 9 primary.  Julie Wise was there in 2004... the entire year.