Mark Greene

Candidate for Director of Elections, King County, WA

Legal Assistant; Veteran; Commoner Statesman.  I ask for your vote mid-October - Nov. 5, 2019.  Thanks!

Note:  For those who would like to see a longer Bio, please, go to the Main site (Biography).  The button for that is at the bottom of this page.  My voters' pamphlet statement follows this note.

2019 Voters' Pamphlet Statement:

Unfortunately, there has been no shyness about politicizing King County Elections, recently, despite that mixing elections bureaucracy with activism is a political minefield.  I'll return the office to independence and neutrality, as it should be, not a tool in the chest box of the "Constantine Machine."  Being neutral means not being cozy with professional politicians or partisan organizations, which is why I don't ask for their endorsements. 

I'll have a simple "electoral practices" section in public pamphlets rather than spending a million dollars of taxpayers' money for so-called Voters' Education, which is more or less a partisan program.  I'll actually look for possible fraudulent or erroneous registrations (of a number of kind) rather than going by the present honor system.

You would think that the election for Director of Elections would be the sterling example for how elections should be operated.  Think again.  From the mainstream media stiff arming election coverage if they have settled on an outcome they want, to civic formats becoming suddenly "unavailable," and disdain or appropriation of the process by those most advantaged by these shenanigans.  

My site has the full extent of qualifying information about me.  There's also a list of the election department's malfunctions, where currently the director gets a yearly salary of a tad shy of $190,000 (I'll donate 10% every year to charities; send me some ideas).

I have a healthy distrust of vote tabulation machines, but they're in place, so I'll have hand counts of precincts & jurisdictions, broadly, randomly ... maybe, solely someday.  With redistricting right around the corner, I'll be consulting with the Secretary of State's office, often, to ensure that the required changes are implemented & lawful. 

I don't take voting orders from 20 folks at the Seattle Times and "The Stranger," I hope you don't either.  Thanks!