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Mark Greene For State Representative (GOP), pos. 2, 30th LD

44 Years of Electoral Activism

When Radical Democrats are turning our world upside down and doing little to revive the economy amidst the coronavirus panic, and keeping us locked down instead of having return-to-work guidelines, let alone doing anything substantive about housing and college affordability, the environment and fiscal responsibility, then it's time to consider new ideas to address the concerns of Youth and everybody else.  I have been committed to focusing on all these things during a long 44 year period of political/electoral activism, and my energy hasn't waned much.

I prefer both the Republican Party and the Revived Citizens Party (an offshoot of the old Citizens Party of the 1970s & 80s that was populist/environmentally conscience).  I chose the Republican Party/GOP for the ballot in 2020, but have strong ties to the Citizens Party of old and new.  More than two parties taking seats in government used to be the norm in early America, so now a candidate, namely myself, that's also affiliated with the Citizens Party, offers voters an alternative to the usual fare, like Americans used to have.

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National Renewal, Washingtonian Common Sense


Mark Greene for State Representative

 My campaign has always considered youth support essential in order to win.  Right now, we're seeking a volunteer Youth Ombudsperson (ombudsman), 18 to 29, for our committee; someone that will be an advocate for youth issues, and write reports and articles for this website.


 The Citizens Party is looking for candidates to run for the Washington Legislature in 2022.  You can be as young as 18.  Must raise at least $528 start-up money for your own campaign, or alternatively, if you qualify economically, get around 700 petition signatures. 

100th anniversary of ratification of the 19th amendment


Party of Commons' Youth Website (18 - 29): Helping the community with tradition, progress & ecology.

Our organization has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. Supporting Mark Greene for Washington State Representative, pos.2, 30th Legislative District.  Inspiring everyone to be very independent in making voting decisions.  We're old enough to vote and make our own decisions.  Help Mark Greene win for State Representative by networking with your family, friends, associates, co-workers and acquaintances.  Mark won the confidence of more than 104,000 voters in King County last year... thank you so much... and he'll need your support again in 2020.

Platform:  Trying to bring about trust & confidence in state government, which means a government that listens to the People:

  • Pray to God.
  • Taking the good points from the two major parties, but leaving aside their flaws. Economically for the People:  for instance, proposing a federal Constitutional Amendment to make Social Security, including medical care, a permanent program of our government; very environmentally conscience (we should do more about climate change, such as lessening our national and state economic cooperation with countries that are the biggest no holds bar emitters of the particular gasses that are part of the problem; in general, change the course of climate change with rationality and reason, not overreaction); generally anti-interventionist; and independent American-Firsters (not personality based). 
  • Time for a MORATORIUM on immigration, except for some family or spouses of citizens, pretty much.
  • Environmental Enhancement Project: • noting & mapping infrastructure problems and environmental hazards; • drawing up contingency plans regarding possible natural disasters; • basically being the “green” environmental watch. 
  • Washington's leading & closest watcher of the King County Elections Department (watching every move they make).
  • Our federal agencies will be respected at the Capitol, including Immigration & Customs Enforcement, again.


Mark Greene For State Representative (GOP)

 We are currently trying to build a restored sense of trust and confidence in our government. Towards that goal, help us elect Mark Greene for State Representative, 30th LD (Federal Way, Milton, Algona, Pacific, Auburn & Des Moines). Shake up the Potemkin Village in Olympia.  The GOP is the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln, the Emancipation Party.


Same Day Reg. & Voting

WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT, as the late, great Harriet Tubman made crystal clear during her life's mission of freedom and liberty.  We the People of the United States are the government.  Our candidate can't win this race or any race without your help.  Write "Contact" for information & details, or find your voting center on the Washington Secretary of State's website, Elections section (you can also register & vote at your county elections or auditor's headquarters).  


The Contrarian

Big on Protecting the Environment

We'll be filling this in, gradually, with Mark Greene's environmental platform:

Restrictions on plastic: Although most of the plastic waste in the oceans is not coming

from America, we need to do our part and show environmental leadership by restricting

unnecessary plastic use, especially non-biodegradable plastic.  A lot of this plastic is 

ending up in the landfills and not being recycled.  The bottled water culture is particularly

perplexing.  Regulating plastic, and ensuring more confidence in our municipal or

or tap water supplies should help, and is also more health-conscious.

Naomi Seibt

An acclaimed speaker who is often a contrarian on several of the big political issues of the day, particularly on the topic of the environment.  Naomi, born in 2000, would be considered from the Jump-start generation.  She hails from Germany, and a Leo (sounds like a lioness).

Our Community & Friends - Old Enough To Vote

Tradition, Progress, Ecology



There's much to see here. Learn everything about us by going on various pages. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line and send a $20 donation (or less or more) for Mark's campaign. 

A Different Website

This is our Youth Website; for main campaign website, click on button directly below.

We'll post on BLOG often & we have Twitter, too.

Re. Social Media

Facebook is OK, even though they were making demands and putting Mark's opponents on so-called related pages, but not doing the same conversely.  Not all of this is on them, but part of the pressure Democrat politicians are putting on social media to essentially hollow out freedom of speech. 


The Newest Generation

The Party of Commons, through the Revived Citizens Party affiliate, has started a new website dedicated to our 21st century generation, their parents, and beginning adulthood, with an emphasis on politics. Mark's H.S. yearbook links are on this site that's about expanding party membership & youth involvement in civics.

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