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Our organization has been part of this community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. Supporting Mark Greene for Director of  Elections in King County.  Inspiring everyone to be very independent in making voting decisions.  We're old enough to vote and make our own decisions.  Help Mark Greene win for Director of Elections by networking with your family, friends, associates, co-workers and acquaintances.  We almost had 100,000 votes in 2011; we need about 200,000 to win in 2019.

Our Main Election Department Goals:


  1. Integrity of the vote by implementing policies that ensure the authenticity of the entire elections apparatus, and having a strict neutrality in the department (no more activism). 
  2. Check all new voter registrations by the "e-verify" system, as well as a number of randomly selected old registrations each week, as a way of validating registrations and keeping our votes from being diluted by invalid voting.  
  3. After machine vote tabulation results, hand counts of the vote from randomly selected precincts and jurisdictions in order to double check the reliability of all the machine counters.
  4. Will implement all laws, including the new Washington law allowing pre-registration of citizens aged 16 & 17.
  5. During the 100th Anniversary Year of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment (Woman or Women's Suffrage), which is next year, the Elections Department will have a celebratory recognition event. 
  6. All of this can only happen if older teenagers and the older young (20 - 21) support these goals in majority numbers, and just as importantly, those who are old enough to vote (18 & older), actually vote.

Director of Elections Candidate Mark Greene's "Get Out the Young Vote" Speech on Seattle Channel (see this youtube link)

Mark Greene For Director of Elections


 We are currently trying to build a restored sense of trust and confidence in our election system. Towards that goal, help us elect Mark Greene for Director of  Elections in King County, Washington.  Shake up the Potemkin Village, people are tired of the press telling us how to vote.  

Same Day Reg. & Voting


Our candidate can't win this race or any race without your help.  Write "Contact" for information & details, or find your voting center on the King County Elections website (you can also register & vote at the Renton headquarters).  

Our Community & Friends - Old Enough To Vote

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There's much to see here. Learn everything about us by going on various pages. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line and send a $20 donation (or less or more) for Mark's campaign. 

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