Will Give Up Half-My-Salary For City Manager (Revised)

Today, I decided that I will give up a little more than half of my salary as mayor if I am elected, and those funds will be put into the City’s General Fund one way or the other. This will save in the neighborhood of $85,000 annually in the mayor’s office budget and those savings will be reallocated towards the hiring of a Chief of Staff and a City Manager. I believe this move will allow Federal Way to hire a City Manager for whatever the going rate is, although probably at the lower end, as well as a Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff will make the same as the new mayor’s cut-rate salary, in other words, about $75,000 annually. The City Manager will probably make double that, in other words, $150,000 annually. The equation being 75K + 75K + 150K = a $300,000 annual salary budget for Federal Way’s top managerial staff for the next 4 years. I don’t know what the managerial salaries, in total, are currently, but I doubt if it is much less than 300K, if any less, and my hunch is that’s it’s probably more than that.

I and my Chief of Staff will interview at least 15 applicants for City Manager from across the United States, maybe more than 15. I prefer in-person interviews, but if somebody lives in, say, Rhode Island, I don’t know how likely it is that somebody would want to travel all the way from New England to the West Coast for a 1 in 15 chance of succeeding. Hopefully, I’ll have enough good applicants from the Pacific Northwest, because it’s rather unlikely that I would hire somebody solely through teleconference. However, I could use teleconference to whittle down the number of applicants that would be willing to make the trip to Federal Way for a second interview if that person happens to live on the other coast or a similarly long distance away. Second interview odds of succeeding would probably be 7 to 1 instead of 15 to 1. Of course, me and my Chief of Staff will hire the best qualified applicant.

As for Chief of Staff, I have somebody in mind, but whether he’s willing to work for $75,000 or not, or would even want the job, is another question. I’ll worry about getting elected first before I start thinking about all that too hard.

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