Volunteers Needed & Ready By the 23rd, Work 2 Hours a “Week”

We’re still looking for Sector Representatives and volunteers to work in one of 7 sectors that our campaign has divided Federal Way into. If you sign up, you would agree to work 2 hours a week in your sector (from Aug. 23rd – Nov. 2nd) to help Mark Greene get elected mayor of Federal Way. Basically, you would just knock on doors, have a brief conversation with residents telling them about Mark’s campaign and hand out a leaflet (if nobody answers the door, just put the leaflet on the doorknob). There’s a set of representative/pamphleteer information & rules that we wrote down weeks ago, and listed at the end of this post. Thanks.

Post-script: It’s hard to get people to do this on a volunteer basis, and maybe even if paid, but if you want new leadership in F.W., this is one of the best ways to create the necessary buzz to sound the alarm about the election. Even if you, yourself, can’t do this, but know somebody that can, please refer them to this post with an email or through word-of-mouth. Representatives or pamphleteers can be as young as sixteen (16 & 17 with parental permission) or as old as you are capable of doing this hard, more-or-less-grueling work of a lot of walking, knocking on doors and talking to people for 2 hours a week, that’s “week,” not day (whatever schedule you want between 10:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M., except Sundays).

(1). Rules For Pamphleteers (2.) Become A Federal Way Sector Representative By 23rd of August 2021 (2 hrs.-a-week minimum) (3). Our Sector Representatives (4). Seven Sectors (5.) Eight is Enough

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