The Sting

It reminds me of the 1973 Robert Redford movie, “The Sting,” but it is depressing to see Federal Way fall into the abyss of outside money, illusory transparency regarding not particularly wholesome city deals and contracts, floundering politicians, who represent us in Olympia, handcuffing our police from making arrests, big shots from outside the city and the state doing everything they can to make sure that the Ferrell Machine gets enough votes in November, as our streets are turned into turnstiles-for-thugs, and our landscapes are being despoiled by trash heaps and environmental indifference.

If all that was not enough, the Radical Leftist Constantine Machine & the Robert Redfordesque (as in “The Sting”) Ferrell Machine are increasingly in cahoots with each other; clueless councilmembers with idle time and idle ideas taking up space in council chambers; money being wasted on needless projects, like a train to Seattle, instead of being poured into infrastructure that could actually build up F.W., so that we could have our own jobs and our own shopping and entertainment; and speaking of entertainment, if I’m not mistaken, Ferrell helped chase entertainers out of F.W. years ago with nanny-type regulations when he was a councilmember…or, at least, he did little or nothing to block it (I wish I had the vote in front of me, but I think he was on the hard conservative wing at that time, and since then, has turned into a Redfordesque card-carrying liberal. I’m a libertyesque centrist).

Sears & Macy’s both decided to leave a falling house of cards under Ferrell’s watch, as they probably sensed a city falling apart when they saw the first signs of political incompetence and cynical Machine machinations, and now it’s everything we can do to keep F.W. from becoming another East Saint Louis or Camden, N.J., the latter not that far from “The Sting” setting, I believe.

Please vote for the mayoral upset so that I can get my racehorse going in the right direction (you’ll have to see “The Sting” to get the analogy…a pretty good movie).

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