The Crazy A.O.C. Political Wing Pretty Much In Charge In D.C.

The decrepit, deceitful Biden regime that lied during the 2020 campaign by calling itself (in their campaign form) “moderate,” has in reality become the most crazy, radical presidential administration in United States history, in a few short months…apparently following or taking orders from crazy N.Y. Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez & Company…and has now ceded the U.S. south border to foreigners, writ large (not just south-of-the-border countries anymore), with the invasion being massive, ongoing, and given the scale of it, hardly getting the attention it deserves by the corrupt mainstream media.

For some strange reason, the Republican masters in Congress (McConnell, McCarthy & Co.), who should be leading the political opposition to the invasion, are more-or-less soft-pedaling the tragedy of the United States about to be overrun by foreigners, as their response is, diametrically, as disgracefully inept as the Biden regime’s denationalization scheme is brazen, thereby the Biden government stripping our nation of as much of our heritage as they can get away with, including brashly trying to change the demographics so radically that we won’t recognize her by the end of Biden’s 4-year term. In sane countries, such a policy by the government in charge would be called treasonous, but here it’s just called business as usual, until one day we wake up and say, “Oh, this doesn’t really seem like the United States of America, anymore,” which reminds me of the teenage girl (Judy Garland) in the “Wizard of Oz,” that said suddenly, alarmingly, “We’re not in Kansas, anymore.”

By the way, none of this mess is pro-minority, pro-poor people or any other such nonsense spun by the same Radical Left that spawned this internationalist invasion. It’s, in fact, Orwellian-like, the exact opposite of that (George Orwell was such a great prophet). These foreigners will take up resources that are usually reserved for our own people, especially poor people, as well as the already settled illegal foreign inhabitants that probably aren’t thrilled with the uniquely rapid invasion, either; including taking up limited housing and school space, emergency rooms in hospitals, and jobs, that will eventually become more scarce once we get to the post-“pandemic” era. The A.O.C. political wing and revolutionaries-in-general, with a heavy foreign accent to it (surprise, surprise, surprise), are winning for now, unfortunately, but there will undoubtedly be a political counter-revolution, soon…maybe even as soon as this year’s November elections.

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