Teddy’s Dilemma and, One Hundred Seventeen Years Later, Mine’s

Not a lot of people outside of Federal Way, except for the special interests and gentry supporting Ferrell, care about the mayoral election or the “two perennials” competing for mayor, here, which is why it was so easy for Big Internet Tech to throw me off of their platforms. I only thought about this topic, again, when I heard on TV this morning that one of the big companies was embroiled in another controversy.

Nonetheless, when you consider that the internet is essentially the primary public forum of our time, and public forums, generally speaking, supposedly having constitutional protections, it shouldn’t be taken lightly that they can just throw a candidate off of their platforms for essentially political reasons.

This is why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law that says political candidates are off limits when it comes to deplatforming by Big Internet Tech, which protects Floridians right to have at least the minimum standard for a bias free public forum regarding elections. I applaud Governor DeSantis for taking this stand, because it’s not just about candidates, it’s about the voters’ rights to a fair election.

At least being deplatformed freed up a lot of time that I shouldn’t be spending on a computer anyway, or maybe it just helped this blog become more important and extensive than it otherwise would have been, which is good for voters to see. There’s nobody running for office in Federal Way that shares their ideas more than me, which probably isn’t all that smart; after all, being bland with platitudes works for actually elected politicians, here, but I have this old-fashioned sense of integrity, which is actually standing for something is more admirable than just getting by with, say, bromides on glossy postcards.

I almost got off the subject of Big Internet Tech and their overarching influence on our elections. When you think about it, they have more power than the Gilded Age oligarchs of Teddy Roosevelt’s time (and “Theodore Rex” did battle with them), but don’t expect any of our pathetic 30th District Legislators to come up with a bill similar to Florida’s. Meanwhile, Big Tech is putting their thumb on the mayoral election, here, with a lot less fanfare than what they got away with in the presidential election of 2020, not that anybody cares in Big Tech Paradise, which is essentially the American West Coast.

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