Seven Sectors

Sector Representatives don't necessarily have to live in the particular sector they choose (or the city). We cut the hours down to two hours-a-week (but it would help if you had a friend or two help you with your sector); we need you, soon.

The committee divided Federal Way into 7 campaign sectors (see a little further below). We need a Volunteer Sector Representative for each one, and with a friend or two, a representative could probably cover his or her entire sector by working one day a week (if started in mid-July or August), with 2 hours a day….so no more than two hours a week from mid-July or August until mid-October for a 50-50 chance at new leadership in Federal Way.

Some sectors will have more houses in them than others, but feel free to tackle apartments if you think you can tolerate the hassle of getting management permission to knock on apartment doors. Nonetheless, we’re focusing on houses since we have a limited number of pamphlets. Remember to watch for “No Soliciting” signs on doors, please. Pamphlets should be ready a little after the 4th of July…maybe as long as a week after.

Note: It you notice any mistake on the directions or borders, please let us know. This is just for campaign purposes, so it doesn’t have to be that technical, but even at that, we won’t accept any errors on the basic mapping.

1. Sacajawea Sector

North East FW: 272nd Street is the northern boundary, all of I-5 is the eastern boundary, 312th is the southern boundary, 1st Avenue south is the western boundary, including the border with Des Moines.

2. Commons Sector

Central East FW (including Downtown): 312th is the northern boundary, the eastern boundary starts at I-5 going south to 320 St., then east to S. Peasley Canyon Rd, and basically following the Auburn and unincorporated King County borders, which eventually juts west on or close to Highway 18 until back to I-5. 356th is the southern boundary, and 1st Avenue south/1st Way south is the western boundary. Commons sector is probably the biggest sector, land-wise, of the seven, and probably the least number of houses.

Commons Sector also takes in the triangle part of F.W. east of I-5, west of 161 road and north of the Milton border, thereby, the only sector with non-adjacent sections.

3. Southern Sector

South FW: A real long and curvy northern border, going along 356th (from I-5), then jutting up the west side of 1st Avenue south to SW Campus Drive/SW 336th; all of I-5 is the eastern boundary, the little stretch of the Milton border starts the southern boundary from the east, and from there jutting north and northwest along the Pierce County border, and then turning east along a little stretch of 356th until 21st, which is the straight line western border until SW 336th.

4. Panther Sector

Central FW: The northern border is SW 312th, the eastern border is 1st Avenue south/1st Way south, the southern border is SW Campus Drive/SW 336th, and 21st is the western border, also including a little stretch of SW Dash Point Rd. (Lakota Park area) until SW 312th.

5. Dash Sector

North Central and North West FW: The northern border is Puget Sound, the eastern border is 1st Avenue south, the southern border is SW 312th and SW Dash Point Rd. (that portion that’s west of SW 312th, starting at Lakota Park), the western border is tiny, basically, the Pierce County border that juts up from SW Dash Point Rd. on the west side of the Dash Point State Park.

6. Golf Sector

West FW: The northern border is the very curvy Dash Point Rd., the eastern border is 21st, the southern border is 356th between 21st and the Pierce County border and jutting up along the Pierce County border until 35th Ave.; [the long, complicated western border is 35th Avenue all the way up to 325th, then going kind-of-circumference-wise along Lake Jean roads (39th Pl., 41st Ave., SW 325th), west on 321st, north on 41st Ave., west on 320th, and jutting straight northward on 47th Ln. SW to Dash Point Rd].

7. Hoyt Sector

Far West FW: The northern border is Dash Point Rd. (eastern cutoff at 47th Ln. SW); the eastern border is the west side of the Golf Sector western border (inside brackets above, no. 6), but Hoyt Sector is kind-of-a-triangular shaped sector, so it basically has a diagonal west border (but no southern border), and the west border consists of the other side of the Pierce County border from 35th Ave. SW, north to Dash Point Rd.

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