Rules For Pamphleteers

The All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee has rules for our 7 would-be Sector Representatives and general pamphleteers. 7 rules for now.

  1. When doorbelling, we generally advise to have a friend or two with you. If you are under 18, i.e., 16 – 17, male or female, you must have someone with you. If you are a woman under 21, you must have someone with you. Having someone with you doesn’t mean being on the same block or in any other way splitting up and solo-doorbelling the houses close to each other, it means two or more present at the same house (and one of those at least 5 ft. in back of the other).
  2. Always look for “No Soliciting” signs before approaching a house, some of them are quite small and not that easy to find or see. Do not put a pamphlet/leaflet on door knobs of non-soliciting houses even though you wouldn’t, of course, ring doorbells. Just avoid…period.
  3. Avoid houses with dogs in the front yard; they don’t necessarily have to be mean-looking to bite.
  4. Do not doorbell in odd entrances, out of the range of the street. If there is no other way to doorbell a house that seems to block off the front entrance from visitors, then just skip it. This rule also means avoiding gates and houses that are a longer ways/range than usual away from the street.
  5. Women, age 21 or over, unless doorbelling with a friend, must read or have read at least one self-defense book (and practice some self-defense moves with one of your friends), or otherwise know some basic self-defense before doorbelling solo.
  6. Never go inside houses, male or female, if or when invited, for any reason. Residents are generally, overwhelmingly, just being friendly and hospitable, but the “don’t go inside” policy just avoids potential problems and keeps you from being slowed down. Just say your time is limited if invited. All we want to do is have a brief conversation, hand them a pamphlet, and move on.
  7. Pamphletting hours are strictly between 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.
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