Roegner’s Old Stuff

The only reason I’m bringing up Roegner, today, is that Big Internet Tech keeps putting his old stuff about me, particularly one from an earlier mayoral campaign, on search engine page ones (which is a way a lot of Federal Wayans find info on me). Regarding one article in particular, I was last of three in Roegner’s political caste system, which was pretty much crafted to make me look bad.

Regarding Alaska, since Roegner brought it up but failed to mention (probably purposely) that I was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives twice, 2000 & 2002, and won two statewide primaries in consecutive election cycles in doing that, one of which was the last Statewide Open Primary to date, I believe, in Alaska (I’m an Independent, now).

You see, that’s part of Roegner’s sham, if you’re determined to be a partisan hack newspaper man, or already are one, you don’t mention anything of significance that would make the candidate you’re trying to downgrade look good. However, he did write that I was well read (sort of like when somebody that you don’t expect passes your low expectations), and he wrote or implied that I was possibly the hardest working candidate in F.W. (that’s almost like the former, but possibly the only statement that went beyond faint praise).

The article, taken as a whole, came off as snide, not to mention rude, considering how informed I am about government.

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