Prime Roegner: Journalistic Malpractice

I’m sure Roegner reads my blog about as Johnny-on-the-spot as I read his articles (have to keep abreast of what the press is doing when you’re a candidate, after all). For him to write about the November Federal Way elections and not mention the mayor’s race one little bit in the same article is what’s called “journalistic malpractice,” yet he still has a job at “Empire” (technically or de facto). He should have been fired in 2015 when he was mischaracterizing my Council campaign with every third keystroke. I just heard the other day that some F.W. citizens thought I was 150° to the left than what I actually am. This is probably due to Roegner’s spreading the, henceforth, unsubstantiated rumor, earlier this year, and I think last year as well, that some implied leftist candidate was going to challenge Ferrell in the election, instead Ferrell got one centrist challenger, meaning me. Just another one of Roegner’s rumors and missteps.

As for Roegner still casting doubt on who the second place finisher is going to be in the King County Council District 7 Primary, he should know, he ran K.C. Elections at one time before he was run out of there. I’m sure Roegner knows all about how mysterious ballots all of a sudden pop up out of nowhere, if not computer “malfunctions,” in close elections in that particular office (even if the final outcome is not particularly close, like in the 2004 9th Congressional District Republican Primary for U.S. representative). My advice for Dominique Torgerson, if she happens to be reading this, is get yourself an “elections expert” lawyer if you feel that “something funny,” to put it nicely, is going on in the next few days.

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