Primaries — A Ray of Hope

Wow, all the Federal Way area candidates that we recommended/liked are leading or in the Top 2, except for one, Jenny Gallagher (I’m referring to two F.W. City Council primaries and one School Board primary).

Congratulations to Jack Dovey and Daniel Miller, who we (the All-American Relief Committee) both recommended and who are both winning their primaries at the moment. They’re both winning by a couple hundred votes or so, so we’re hoping they can maintain their leads, but they at least look comfortable for “Top 2,” which is even more important.

This website may have helped to contribute to the leading margins for Dovey and Miller (we think about a thousand F.W. residents have seen this site). We should have put Gallagher on the Recommendations List in the very latter stages of the Primary when we were more aware of her candidacy, as, unfortunately, it looks like she will not make the General Election. Though, very unlikely that would have made a difference in the outcome.

Updated August 10th, 2021.

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