Newsom & Ferrell

It’s a bad year to be an authoritarian politician in the United States of America, because the people are getting tired of authoritarians telling us what to do. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California who locks down businesses that don’t cater to Hollywood stars or Governors and Senators, while he, hypocritically, gets special treatment, himself, is probably going to be recalled from office next month.

Jim Ferrell, another authoritarian, and mayor of Federal Way, who once was part of the Council that imposed the 4-foot dancer-to-patron rule in clubs, that’s still on the books, which, effectively, in it’s heyday, chased struggling young entertainers out of jobs and likely, in some cases, onto unemployment rolls.

Ferrell’s edicts, whether as part of the governing group, Council, or as mayor, on how we should live our lives didn’t just stop there, however, as he has rolled over at least, our constitutional right of assembly, like shutting down in-person City Hall Meeting participation, of all places, and 4th of July parades without so much as a scaled down event, and has just sheepishly obeyed some of the governor’s most pernicious unconstitutional edicts & mandates. This year’s elections might also be called “The Retire Authoritarians Act.”

As mayor, I will respect liberty.

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