My, My, Joe Biden Must Think We’re Stupid

So the Biden government thinks that anybody really believes that he and his government give a rat’s fink about the “The Great Covid Scare” while they’re letting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens just blithely walk across the south border, with practical red carpet treatment, and without any, whatsoever, of the kinds of checks that citizens have to go through before re-entering the country if we went outside the country, and also transferring illegals to airplanes to travel to their preferred destinations, at taxpayers’ expense (in other words, “free”), within the U.S. without having to have ID (though citizens must have ID any time we fly), all the while as the regime threatens citizens with no-fly status and other punishments if we don’t obey government wishes and mandates regarding “covid.” They’re carrying on this big show, a huge expensive extravaganza and propaganda series, to let us think that they really care about “covid” while doing everything to the contrary of stamping it out. “Orwellian” is just the tip of the iceberg to describe this absurdity.

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