Libertyesque F.W.

I almost used “libertarian,” but I think that word (with all the confusing interpretations of it) gives the sense of individualistic overreach, which is problematic in some cases, so “libertyesque” works better. Therefore I’m strongly for liberty in the constitutional and natural law sense.

A lot of these “pandemic” mandates, rules and regulations have veered into running afoul of both…constitutional and natural law. There will be no non-law mandates about anything in F.W., if I’m elected mayor — if something is so terrible that it cries out for something, then there’ll have to be an ordinance (with a timetable) for that; in other words, a law (mandates of any kind by government officials in general may need to be taken to court by the city).

It strongly appears, now, that “Covid” is an engineered “pandemic,” with what looks like both American and Chinese players having a major hand in causing it. It also appears that the former Obama government bizarrely (“crazily” would also work) handed over very helpful ingredients for the “Covid” recipe, if not nearly the whole damn thing, to China, and since the “pandemic” broke out, has been used by American politicians to game elections and control politics to their radical, socialist-minded advantage.

I’m not suggesting, in any way, that this was a grand scheme by U.S. partisans all along, but they took full advantage of the fallout, and now under the Biden govt., are coming out with renewed implied totalitarian threats of punishments & hardships for Americans that don’t go along with the “Covid” program, but, with a straight face, don’t apply the same rules to the million illegal aliens they’ve let walk across the south border, so far, this year.

With this totalitarian mind-set racheting up across the nation; states, countrysides, cities, townships and towns are going to need to stand up assertively and strongly for liberty & freedom, and, of course, little Federal Way should be leading the way.

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