Greene: The Best Candidate For Police & Public Safety

By now, even though “Empire” has said practically nothing about the mayoral race, except for publishing press releases, the Federal Way Police Union is probably aware that I’m, as one of the strongest supporters of police in the State of Washington, the best candidate for mayor for them, and I think that the new state policing law that the crazy Washington Legislature passed this year is disastrous (it’s important to know where mayoral candidates stand on that law, and I haven’t heard anything from Ferrell on that).

I haven’t come out with this much in the past, but I actually filled out preliminary paperwork to become a City of Detroit police officer once, but didn’t follow through once I decided to move out of the city. I’m sure, with my background as an ex-Marine, I would have been hired, and to this day regret not following through.

That was back in the mid-1970’s, I would have been the real “Beverly Hills Cop,” which was based on a fictional Detroit policeman visiting Beverly Hills, California (I actually spent my Marine years close to the L.A. area, and once applied to the F.B.I. at their L.A. headquarters). I was really distressed when they didn’t take me on (that was 1974, a year or two before I filled out the Detroit Police paperwork).

On the “About” page, where I’m seen with my mom in Detroit in 1960, in that very neighborhood where we’re standing, we lived right across the street from a Detroit Police Precinct Station (couldn’t be closer). I saw the great officers everyday back in those days, and I’m sure they saw me playing outside a lot, pretending to be either a cowboy or a policeman. Our family has always had a great affinity for the police, and one of my uncles was a policeman (for about 10 years, I think).

As the F.W. Police Union knows, I’m against the personal attachment cameras and audio recorders that our policemen and policewomen are soon to be saddled with (I’ll try to reverse that decision if I’m elected), and I’m against the “Kangaroo” Police Review Board that they’re trying to institute, here, which if it comes, will be nothing but a political circus filled with “soft-on-crime,” thug-coddling Jesse Johnson-or-Al Sharpton-types (Johnson, a 30th District Legislator, voted for the crazy, give-suspected-criminals-the-benefit-of-the-doubt state policing bill this year). I heard on TV, yesterday or the day before, that a suspected murderer already benefited from this law, so I’m assuming that he got away (I didn’t hear the details very well).

I can’t give any hard facts on what Ferrell thinks about cameras and review boards, as I hear little from him in the newspaper or otherwise on those issues, but Roegner seemed to suggest, cryptically on occasion, that Ferrell supported both or was leaning in that direction (he’s already approved the cameras, so it’s really only the review board that I don’t know where he stands).

If it’s true that he supports the review board, too, it only makes sense for the Union to withdraw their endorsement from Ferrell and support me. You think. Thank you, guys.

P.S. (8/6/21): Saw Roegner’s column this morning, mostly discussing “covid” and its effect on government employment practices. Even with that, he managed to work in a mildly snide comment about our police dept. What’s with this guy and police?

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