Govt. Vaccine Posse

First, the rainbow and pan-African flag flying, and torpedoing-the-patriotic-logo Jim Ferrell mayoralty canceled the 4th of July Festival in F.W., not so much as a scaled down event, so I wasn’t able to open up a candidate booth where I could have met hundreds of voters in a very short time, easily.

Now, the Biden government is coming up with a plan for a door-to-door vaccine posse (my name for it), which is intimidating, and probably going to make sales of “No Soliciting” and “No Trespassing” signs skyrocket this month and the next couple of months, just when my campaign is planning a pamphleteer walk through the city.

So we’re worried that people might mistakenly think we’re the Biden government or the government-sanctioned vaccine posse, and possibly getting a ruder reception than usual. The only silver lining about this shady govt. intrusion is that our low supply of pamphlets might, now, be just the right amount as we avoid a possible doubling or tripling of houses with non-welcoming signs. We might not run out of pamphlets as quickly as we figured, suddenly.

I’ve heard of several reasons why people, rationally, don’t want or might not want to get these anti-covid vaccines, but little is said about the aborted fetus cells that they come from, so they’re probably underestimating religious and/or moral objections to the vaccines. Not to mention that these particular emergency use vaccines have more health problems than a little bit, according to the government’s own data (VAERS), including heart problems (particularly among the younger vaccinated) and deaths…let’s put it this way, a lot more problems than usual for vaccines in general.

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