Gaming Elections


Wow…I don’t even get a questionnaire like the other city candidates did with the local newspaper (it’s so blatantly obvious now what’s going on).  Jim Ferrell doesn’t need one, because his picture and yellow-colored logo are splashed prominently on “Empire’s” website…it’s like the first thing you see…thanks in part to Ferrell’s rich out-of-town friends’ contributions to his campaign, and “Empire’s” willing compliance.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that “Empire” is trying to game the election to Ferrell’s favor, not even treating the election like a news story; they’ve had it in for me since the City Council Election of 2015, which they, along with the ramshackle Municipal League of King County, worked energetically to swing to Lydia Assefa-Dawson, and now “Empire” is more or less working on Ferrell’s behalf, more indirectly (they probably figure he doesn’t need as much help as Assefa-Dawson).  

By the way, they don’t even interview candidates anymore like they used to, not that I know that 100%, but at least they never bothered to interview one of only two mayoral candidates, meaning me (I’ve never heard of any of the challenger City Council candidates being interviewed, either).  So, basically, by treating the election, and maybe not just this mayoral election, as a “done deal” for the incumbent, they are essentially telling us, they know better, and, basically, are going to decide the election for us by not treating it with the regular respect.  

Should five-or-so people (that’s probably overstating it a little in “Empire’s” case), on a newspaper management/editorial staff have this much power to tell us which elections should be approved and which shouldn’t?  Well, apparently so, if their favored candidates are continually voted in.  Vote for the upset, vote for Mark Greene!

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