Friends of (The Generation) Mark Membership or General Volunteers


Due to the exclusivity of this league, few are chosen, but the ones not chosen can join our general volunteer ranks, pretty much, on an honor basis, any registered voter (H.S. student registered voter must have verifiable parental approval), male or female. In other words, easy to get on, as the criteria is limited (but individuals still must be approved and put on the rolls). Just send an email, with “volunteer” on the subject line. For more extensive information about general volunteering, see the top part of the “contact & donate” page.


If you think you fit the profile of the website “Friends,” i.e., Generation Jump-start adult, industrious, athletic, Western civilizational, God-fearing and strong-minded female, and would like to be a volunteer with the All-American Relief & Mark Greene Committee or the Revived Citizens Party, please write to Mark at the email address, further below, or on the “contact & donate” page, with “Friends of Mark” on the subject line. Friends of Mark is a small select group that has a few primary duties, taking pictures (modeling) for our political websites is one of them, being in the forefront of increasing our outreach to younger voters is another, and the possibility of a few minor duties that, pretty much, involve helping Mark or the R.C.P. succeed in their political endeavors (Mark is chairman of the R.C.P., i.e., Revived Citizens Party).

This league was started to enhance our youth base after the Washington Legislature passed a law that authorized expanded voting registration for younger people. From the get-go, Mark recognized the importance and potentiality of a huge youth voting bloc in which he called a “Sleeping Giant,” which could immediately change the scope of politics, and help our party win elections.


We need government to have a civilization that works, but we also need government to be somewhat limited if liberty is going to thrive. Liberty doesn’t co-exist well with politically partisan or unreasonable mandates.

Industrious, Western civilizational & God-fearing

“Western civilizational” bespeaks of a culture and a style, and the United States of America is rooted in Western culture. It never ceases to amaze us that a few foreigners, perhaps not most, particularly the leftists that got elected to something, here, actually have the gall to spout anti-West rhetoric even though they willingly came here, or more-or-less did if they came here as a child with a parent(s). Yet, they have the gall to actively berate the country they emigrated to, and basically are trying to upset the apple cart.

“Friends,” however, were truly born and grew up Western, and believe in the tenets of liberty, freedom, democracy and natural law, or divine law. We don’t try to deny our Western roots and are, in fact, proud of them. We believe in hard work or, by another name, industriousness. We fear going against God’s laws, though we fail from time to time, whether they be the commandments or the innate knowledge of right and wrong that humans, by and large, have.

Athletic & Strong-minded

“Friends” should be athletic, and strong-minded in the sense that they are confident, intellectually curious, and skilled in self-defense, or sports like boxing or one of the martial arts, or they should have the initiative to learn self-defensive measures through books, self-practice, or practice with one of their friends or family members, or, if not so much the self-learning type, attending sports/martial arts/boxing or self-defense classes at one of the schools for that.



Office phone: (253) 838-1838 Hours: Mon. – Fri.: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM


P.O. Box 25781, Federal Way, WA 98093-2781


See our alternate website as well, please: Revived Citizens Party