Freedom From Masks

There comes a point in the covid pandemic, when enough people are immunized one way or the other, that people should be allowed to go about their business in public areas without being mandated to wear masks, at least in the least sensitive of public places…the exceptions are hospitals, old age homes, and so forth. This pandemic could last 5 years, maybe longer. Adjustments and risk-benefit assessments have to be made. Government plays a role in that and should ensure that people have the freedom to be mask-free in most cases.

Schools are one area in which masks should not be mandated since it has always been the case that covid affects young people in rare cases, especially minors, among other things (like being generally unhealthy not being able to breathe normally), and at this point, any teacher or staffer that chooses to be immunized through the vaccines either has been or could be, but I’m strongly against vaccine mandates or passports (mandates are against natural law). By the way, so-called passports are almost the same as mandates, so just as bad.

Schools should be opened, in person, full-time, but parents that don’t want their children to attend a mask-free school should have the option, until the pandemic is officially over, to have remote learning, via the schools, wherever, but most likely in their own homes, or have the liberty of home-schooling, pandemic or not, through their own means.

Freedom from masks…that’s what my campaign wants, and if you’re an adult or a student that agrees with me, you might want to support/vote for me for mayor, especially since I hear few other politicians being as forthright about this issue, one way or the other, as I am.

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