It’s not a pleasant subject, especially on a holiday, but after writing the Rules For Pamphleteers, I couldn’t help but think of self-defense in general, and particularly self-defense for women and girls. My mother (shown here in 1960, 2nd photo from top), who as a teenager, I believe (maybe when she was pregnant with me at the time, at ages 19 & 20; I’m not sure exactly when she wielded the chair, but it was before I was born), once took a chair and busted it over a man’s head to deflect danger and protect herself. This was not soft, that could have conceivably killed the man, but it didn’t (he was bruised, but okay).

Females cannot play around with potential thugs anymore, there have been too many tragedies in the United States, they must use very hard force, maybe even the harshest within their reach or capability if they think the threat is serious enough, but with good judgment not to underestimate it, either, to ward off thugs that are attacking them. Any hard object around can be used as a weapon (but you must wield it with brute force), and you absolutely cannot be concerned about hurting someone seriously, and that is, in fact, the object of what you want to do if a thug is attacking you.

Read self-defense books, practice moves solo or with your friends, and don’t assume that any thug…whatever he looks like…is anything but a heartless, merciless monster that needs to be put down in any way possible if he is attacking you. This is why I support our police, why I support the 2nd Amendment, and why I like that my “Friends” are relentlessly self-defensive, tough and a kind of a take-no-prisoners bunch; my mayoralty, if elected, will be the same. You have to be in today’s world, especially in this radical left soft-on-criminals, thug sympathy climate that we’re unfortunately in.

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