Eight Is Enough

UPDATE (7/8/21): This post now reflects the number of sectors decided on by the committee, which is seven.  That number is not going to change again for the duration of the campaign.

The All-American Relief and Mark Greene committee needs 7 General Volunteers and 1 Influencer – Sign Waver to win the Federal Way mayoral election. Everybody has to be in good physical condition, men and women, because there will either be a lot of walking involved or a lot of sign waving on F.W. street corners. With your help, we have even odds or a 50-50 shot at winning; without your help, the odds are 99-1 against.

Our plan is to divide F.W. into 7 equally spaced (roughly the same square mileage) sectors on a map, and each of 7 General Volunteers (the Sector Representative) will be assigned a sector that he or she is responsible for. It would be best if you could get a friend or two to help you with your sector rather than work it alone. Each Volunteer will then cover his entire sector by going to every house and talking with the resident, and giving them a flyer/leaflet as well.

We’re going to focus on houses more so than apartments, because, to be honest, they’re more likely to be registered and to vote. Also, there’s a limited number of leaflets to pass out, so we’re limiting them to the more voter active single home residences. We’re not going to bother with partisan registration apps and so forth, that would probably take up more time than they’re worth, and, besides, we want to get the vote from both major parties and independents…and maybe register some otherwise non-registered.

The other volunteer, not one of the sector representatives, will be an Influencer (must be at least 18) and Sign Waver, influencing and/or sign waving. There’s only three months between now and November, let’s get going!

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