I canceled my previously scheduled attendance at the Federal Way Chamber of Commerce forum at the Performing Arts & Events Center, because I refused to go through theirs’ (FWCC’s) or the city’s (not sure which entity is making the mandate) vaccine and testing obstacle course.  If it’s the city’s mandate, which owns PAEC, why would they have one for there, but not other city owned venues?  If it’s FWCC’s, why would they impose a mandate if the city doesn’t?  “Covid” protocols, mandates and restrictions are too restrictive and onerous in many cases, and unconstitutional in some cases.  From what I’m hearing from medical professionals, indirectly, “covid” might be around for a very long time, so we had best better adapt to it rather than ruining economies, careers and lives, and pestering people with illogical mandates and rules, in which it’s pretty well known that the reaction to “covid” is rivaling “covid” itself as a serious problem, and mounting a devastating and perilous toll, as broken economies probably leads to a series of health problems, in general. 

I’m not going to go over all of the illogic and irrationalities with these mandates in this post, but the lack of confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccines, with the continued masking and mandates, in which, grimly, immorally, all of the U.S.’s brands were made through or tested by aborted fetus (unborn baby) cells, is the other side of the coin in why some people do not want to get the vaccine.  If elected mayor, the wall of restrictions and mandates, on the city level, surrounding “covid,” barring the rarest of exceptions, may fall rapidly, depending on how much legal leeway the mayor has to act independently.

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