Clown Act

Just in time for Halloween, the leftist political activist and so-called journalist, Bob Roegner, who writes for the Federal Way Mirror newspaper and sides with radical leftists often, wrote yet another clownish article and appears to write articles, generally, to shape elections to his own personal tastes in regards to candidates and issues, rather than writing objectively like real journalists are suppose to. 

Roegner has never attributed, in his columns this year, a single stand on issues that I’ve taken in the election, and barely has written about the 2021 mayoral election at all, or even city council elections, but simply writes occasional insults about me…remember, I’m near to 180 ° different than him politically…and he tries to influence the election with the old self-fulfilling prophecy trick of pretty much telling readers what to think, like this year’s mayoral election is a forgone conclusion.

If anyone actually believes Roegner’s claptrap, and he influences enough votes for his side to win, then the clown act takes on a new aura and will have lasting effects.

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