Candidates: Play It Safe or Roll the Dice

I’ve written to half of the City Council candidates in F.W. that will be on the General Election ballot, i.e., the half whose would-be elections that I support, and requested that they form a slate with me, preferably a “soft” slate that would be in name only, and would in no way involve commingling campaign funds or paid staff, as that would be extra Public Disclosure Commission stuff that I’m really not interested in getting into…so a “soft” slate suits me fine. Of course, I wouldn’t reveal any correspondence that I have with them or any one person unless I have explicit permission on a particular detail, such as two or more actually agreeing to be part of a slate, but I’m sure most of the correspondence, besides what I just mentioned, would have no public significance in any case.

Right now, Ferrell, and the four candidates that I didn’t write to, Baruso, Craft, Tran and the other one, after the Primary, Seam (who, by the way, fits right in with that bunch), are all leftists. I don’t care if they like the word leftist as a description for their politics or not, it’s like the famous observation of the duck, I see what they write, I hear what they say, and I notice what they do if they already happen to be holding office (three of them, Baruso, Craft and Seam aren’t elected to anything, the former two being appointees).

One or two of those five (from the previous paragraph) might be just quasi-leftist, but still leftist all the same, and they’re saying to every one that listens to their drivel, in so many words…don’t worry about the pitfalls of life, we, the government, will take care of your every problem at taxpayers’ expense. However, that’s not what government is for, since we, as individuals, are responsible for our own lives, as government should only lay down the foundation for a functioning society…that’s all. Most of the time, government just needs to get out of the way so we can prosper.

Anyway, those five will be hard to beat. Even though the population of Federal Way might be a little left of center, what most people call liberal, I don’t think Federal Wayans are far left or leftist/socialist, by and large. A centrist slate could win it all if we play our cards right and explain to the voters that the leftists on the Council, and the quasi-leftist in the mayor’s office, do not represent our viewpoints or values. We, in Federal Way, support the police, we are patriotic, and we believe in old-fashioned values like get out of the house, find a job, and earn your own bread. A centrist slate of 5 or 6 would concentrate the mind on what the two basic choices are in the General Election (Americanism or “woke” socialism), or a candidate(s) running against the favorites can just play it safe and hope for the best. Good luck with that.

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