Not Doing Insleeism in Federal Way

Under a Greene mayoralty, if that takes place next January, Federal Way will not be hijacked by climate change alarmists or AOC-style hysterics about climate change doomsday in the world’s near future. The only thing I’m concerned about regarding anything remotely similar is the Book of Revelation, and, of course, divine prophecy is unchangeable. God […]

At Least Odious “Social Media” Has All But Put Me On the Ballot

Nobody is going to write a news story about election interference by powerful social media companies in the Federal Way mayoral race, because the leftist mainstream news media is practically in cahoots with their social media “allies.” Nonetheless Facebook and Twitter have upset me enough that pre-banning me from their sites was 80% certainty that […]


Took a peek at some campaign websites, today, but to give everybody an idea of the political contortionism going on, here’s who’s running for what: Lydia Assefa Dawson vs. Pete von Reichbauer for King County District 7 Council and (me) Mark Greene vs. Jim Ferrell for Mayor of Federal Way. I’m not endorsing anybody in […]

Facebook’s Scared of My Powerful Writing, So They Banned Me

I’m not going into this too much, here, see the previous post, “Totalitarian Tech,” but my writing must be pretty good and influential if they had to ban me…sort of like when they banned our former president, Donald Trump. We, as a society, give these tech companies too much power. They need to be controlled […]

My Friends

Thank you to all of the “Friends of Mark,” about ten-or-so, especially those whose photos are on the various pages of this website…the larger photos. My friends are the young vanguard of my mayoral campaign, and keep me well supplicated with their awareness, intelligence, toughness and advice. From Generation Jumpstart, they’re an integral part of […]

Social Media Quagmire

I may be done with both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter has effectively banned me for using a banal word like “national,” and expressing my more-or-less traditional conservative viewpoints. Facebook seems to be less onerous with censoring, but after I criticized Bill Gates’ “dim the sun” idea, and, therefore, cleared all the “cookies” after having “technical” […]

Unholy Interference

It’s obvious that the mostly leftist social media companies, like Twitter, try to affect elections by discriminating against conservative candidates or those who voice conservative opinions, and it’s antidemocratic as well as unholy interference for them to use their huge communications power to game elections for their preferred choices. These companies use the public infrastructure […]