Become A Federal Way Sector Representative By 23rd of August 2021 (2 hrs.-a-week minimum)

Updated (8/6/21): We would like to have all 7 sector representatives in place by August 18th.  We divided Federal Way into 7 political sectors for Mark's campaign, and the particular sector representative will be responsible for talking to their sector residents about Mark's mayoral run, passing out leaflets, and recruiting their friends, if possible, to help out.  

We're requesting that you volunteer 2 hours-a-week.  Please pass along our website URL ( to anybody you know in Federal Way to enhance our circulation; thank you!

Note:  We're accepting sector representatives at any age from 16 on up; but under-18 has to have verifiable parental/guardian approval. Additionally, 16 -17 ages must have a friend(s) with you at all times when doorbelling your sector, and be able to continue doing the minimum 2 hours-a-week until mid-Oct.

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