An Old Political Hand As Chief of Staff?

If elected, I might ask Mark Miloscia to be my Chief of Staff, but there’s a caveat or two, I have no idea if he would accept such a position if offered, nor has it been mentioned in any of my correspondence with him.

Miloscia’s socially conservative views, and seemingly more populist outlook on economic matters, would blend in well with my own philosophy, which would be great in rolling out priorities like Federal Way outlawing evil stuff going on in the laboratories these days, such as their using aborted fetal cells for making medicines and so forth.

Political fixes for declining morals in America are, at best, limited, but we can at least make sure our laws are in step with the values of most American citizens. Even relatively small things help, like seeing that our city police shuts down debased certain music or any other likewise entertainment if played too loudly in the streets, thereby being a public nuisance.

Values and the law inextricably reinforce one another; government, with the consent of the citizens that elect it, must make hard choices if we are to remain even a quasi-civilized society.

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