Ever since that disastrous, amoral Supreme Court of 1973 legalized abortion nationally, the country has gone into a moral tailspin that is aborting tens of millions of our own children, but taking in tens of millions of people from the rest of the world through immigration or illegal entry, an overall policy that’s been approved by the ruling elite, thus we have open borders. This is the opposite of nationalism or national self-interest, this is gradual national suicide, in other words, eventually turning ourselves over to the foreign behemoth abroad as well as many inside the gates, all rubbing their hands in glee over the anticipated downfall of America.

How do people get to the point of being willing to throw out their own culture, downgrade their own nation and abort their unborn, but at the same time openly welcoming this huge foreign diaspora that is helping crazy home-grown leftists radicalize America, throw out our history, disown our Founding Fathers, implement wholesale Marxism and destroy what’s left of our foundations?

Abortion, unfettered mass immigration and illegal entry, the latter of which has been put on steroids by the Biden regime, work hand-in-hand in bringing about the downfall of America. We are at the fork in the road or the tipping point, if you will, and quickly running out of time before it’s too late to save America. At least, my mayoralty, if elected, will be really pro-life and pro-citizen. Yes, we’re just one small city in America, but that’s what it’s going to take, one-at-a-time, pockets here and there, nationwide, at the same time, for most of the townships, municipalities and states taking back our country, as well as ending abortion-on-demand, i.e., no medically urgent reason on behalf of the mother for it, just mere covenience.

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